A Fishy Tale - Update


alanmargaret1On Tuesday 16th November 2010, Alan and Margaret Gutteridge visited the Children's Emergency Department at the QMC, bringing with them additional fish for the aquarium and a host of cuddly toys.

Alan, who heads the Aquatic Centre at Bardills Nurseries in Stapleford, brought along the fish - which had been generously donated by the Aquatics Team. These were to be added to the existing population of the Department's new aquarium (recently donated by TLC). Alan's expertise was clearly evident from the start - as the fish took to their new home immediately.

In addition, Alan's wife Margaret had brought along the family's life history of cuddly toys - amassed over many years of their children growing up. Margaret felt that as they had brought so much joy to her children, they might also bring joy and happiness to other children, particularly those in the Children's Emergency Department.

alanmargaret2Play specialist Beverly Fletcher was on hand to take care of both the new fish and the cuddly toys, and was delighted with both; Beverley said the donations would make such a difference to the young patients, particularly those in distress.

Both the Children's Emergency Department and TLC are extremely grateful to Alan, his wife Margaret and the Aquatics Team at Bardills Nurseries for their generosity.