Annual Report to the President - 2012


1. Chairman's Overview

This year has been one of steady consolidation for Teddies for Loving Care, Nottinghamshire. The trustees met twice during the year and examined the accounts along with the report from the Treasurer. All was found to be in good order and the overall financial position sound. The actions of the committee were likewise reviewed and found to be in accordance with the instructions of 'The Charity Commission', set down when the TLC was registered as a charity.

The committee continues to meet formally three times a year and less formally to arrange fund raising events. Two members of the committee, Graham Osborne and Chris Smith resigned and their replacements are Shawn Sunderland for the Mansfield area, and Mike Wilcox for Worksop and Retford. The committee wish to record their thanks to Graham Osborne and Chris Smith for six years faithful and committed service.

Bears continue to be supplied to all the hospitals and NHS Drop-In Centres across Nottinghamshire. We also supply the Fire and Rescue Service who use the bears to comfort children involved in car accidents and home fires.

We are particularly pleased to have been able to supply bears to the young children attending the following events:

  • Memory Day held by the Children's Bereavement Service
  • Fair for disabled children organised by the Showmen's Guild and local freemasons' lodges

Additionally we were able to:
Fund a hoist for a child suffering from Cerebral Palsy, which will enable him to use a hydro pool at home thus bringing considerable relief from pain and enhancing his quality of life.
We are also purchasing storage units for the Children's Hospital, Nottingham and a fish bubble tube for the Children's Outpatients Department.

2. Finance

The charity is currently in a healthy position with sufficient funds to sustain its work in the current economic climate. We are conscious of the downturn generally in donations to charity and the call on donations from freemasons for other charitable causes such as the 2018 Festival in aid of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys. We have been prudent in managing our funds in order to build sufficient reserves to cover any likely shortfall in outgoings.

We are most grateful to the freemason lodges that donate money to TLC and especially to those that donate on an annual basis.

Separate accounts are produced for each of our fundraising events and these, along with income/receipts, are forwarded to the Treasurer post event for verification and banking purposes.

Our Annual Accounts are examined by independent examiners and forwarded to the Charity Commissioners in accordance with their regulations. Special thanks must go to Barry Woodhead, Treasurer, for his meticulous management of our finances. A copy of the 2012 Accounts can be made available on request.

3. Communication

We have continued to provide articles about our work to local free newspapers thus maintaining a profile in the wider community of which we are a part.

We still have a lot of work to do to develop the role of the Centre Reps and we are hopeful the new members to our committee will enable us to promote our work more effectively in the north of the county. We are also particularly grateful to the Stewards at Mansfield and Nottingham Masonic Centres for their active support in selling our fund raising bears.

Throughout the summer we were pleased to be able to participate at the various County Shows in conjunction with our fellow masons promoting Freemasonry and TLC.

The TLC website is regularly updated with articles and news of our activities and we are especially pleased to have received feedback from recipients of our bears thanking us for our help. Thanks must go to Kevan Goddard [Webmaster] for the hours he has spent redeveloping the site after it was corrupted by a hacker, for reasons beyond our understanding.

4. Events

This year we hosted the following events:

  • 'Opera Dudes' concert evening
  • Valentines Lunch
  • Lace Market Theatre Evening

All were well attended and raised significant sums for the charity. They also served to raise the profile of the charity and to present freemasonry to a wider audience. As always we are extremely grateful to all those attending and thank them for supporting us.

5. Conclusion

The TLC is well established across the whole of Nottinghamshire. We are pleased with the way the administration functions and that it does so at nil cost as the committee all cover their own expenses and we have suppliers, such as MRP Print, Nottingham, who give their services for free.

Finally our thanks go to our President, DPGM Steve Mather, and his wife Ann, for their fulsome support.

Graham Riche
Chairman TLC Nottinghamshire